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Driver License Suspensions

A DUI charge also means your driver license is at risk.  There are two different reasons your license could be suspended: (1) for refusing a breath or blood test; and (2) as a penalty related to a conviction.

  • REFUSAL. When you got your driver license, you gave your implied consent that you would take a breath or blood test if asked.  You may have good reasons you decided not to take the breath or blood test, but if you refused, your privilege to drive will be automatically suspended for 6 months or more.  This suspension applies even if you are later found not guilty or the charge against you is dropped. Often, by filing a civil petition in District Court, people can continue driving after a refusal. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible to see how you may be able to retain driving privileges.


  • PENALTY FOR CONVICTION. If you are found guilty of DUI in Montana, your license will be suspended.  Often, a lawyer can help you keep driving in this situation too.  In many instances, you can get a probationary driver license that will allow you to stay on the road legally. 

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